Junior Year Plan

Here are a few things that Junior’s in High School should do to begin the college soccer recruiting process.

• Continue to take a strong academic course load.
• Make certain you are taking the required core academic courses.
• Register for and take the required standardized tests (i.e. SAT, ACT) in spring semester.
• Designate the NCAA to receive SAT & ACT scores when registering for test. NCAA‐ Code is #9999 on SAT & ACT registration form.
• Attend college nights and fairs and read literature sent to you by schools.
• Begin to visit college campuses.
• Develop a list of prospective schools with the help of counselors and coaches. Consideration should be given to academic achievement and athletic ability.
• Request college applications as early as possible, preferably the summer after your junior year.
• Develop an athletic resume and continue to update records and lists of athletic and extracurricular activities.
• Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations governing recruiting, eligibility and financial aid.
• Meet with your coach for a thorough evaluation of your athletic ability and, hopefully, you will receive a recommendation for an appropriate level of competition. Be realistic.
• Also, discuss with your coach his/her involvement in your recruitment process. Ask him/her to be proactive on your behalf by responding to questionnaires sent by recruiting coaches.

• Send a letter of introduction and phone call along with your athletic resume; to coaches of schools you
are interested in attending.
• Continue to attend camps/clinics of schools that you may be interested in or College ID Camps. 

• Keep a file on each college/university that shows an interest in you.
• Continue to videotape games. Send video (or preferably DVD) to prospective coaches at the end of the junior year. For spring sports, consider doing this earlier!
• View college games to assess their level of play and compare it to your level. 

Continue to FOCUS ON GRADES!