Playing Up Policy


Playing Up Policy
Players aged U12 and older must play in their age appropriate groups. Players may request a waiver from this policy based on either special or unusual circumstances or very superior playing ability (top 4 of team requesting to join). The Alleycats Coaching Committee will decide such requests by majority vote.
In some cases, the club may need to merge age groups to form a hybrid team or may have a player that moves to the area after teams have been formed. In the event that all age appropriate teams are formed and there is not a roster space available in the player’s natural age group, the player could play at the next age group, assuming space is available, and only after being evaluated by our coaching staff and approved by the Director of Coaching. Player(s) playing-up in this situation, are required to be evaluated with in the appropriate age groups the following season.
Due to the July 31 cut off date, there will be certain players whose birthdates technically place them in an age group below that of their classmates or peers. These players may request a so called “grade appropriate” play up, when they are entering ninth grade. Playing up for this reason is not guaranteed but will be considered based on ability, commitment and team roster sizes.  NOTE-request must be made at least one week prior to tryouts.
The club reserves the right to reverse a decision at anytime if the Coaching Committee feels that the player is not performing to expectations.
Our play-up policy is focused on the best long-term interests of the individual player and the club. Playing-up is an ongoing process with no assurance for renewal for following seasons. Therefore, the player is required to repeat the process seasonally.
Training Up- The Alleycats encourage top players to train up. However, they must attend their current team’s practices as well, unless the coaches involved allow for an occasional exception. This can be handled by the coaches involved.
Process for Requesting to Play Up
A player who would like to play up must submit a request in writing to the Director of Coaching (see deadlines). The Coaching Committee will evaluate the player consult and with the coaches involved prior to making a decision. Once the committee has made their decision there is no appeal process. A player is limited to one request per team year (tryouts to tryouts).
Starting with the 2013-2014 season, the deadline for requests for a player who wants to play up based on ability or unusual circumstances will be January 1st.
A request to play up based on graduation year must be made at least one week prior to tryouts.
Guest Playing for Play-ups
 The Director of Coaching oversees all guest playing opportunities. Under his/her direction, a player may have the opportunity to “guest” play for an older team within the club. This is managed by the Director of Coaching and is another opportunity that gives a player the chance to further his/her development. A determining factor for these opportunities is a player’s commitment, attitude, and performance for his/her true age group team. The Director of Coaching, through the respective age group coaches, will recommend such situations. Requests can only come from the coaches involved and cannot come from a parent or team manager.
This policy will be evaluated yearly, and can be changed in accordance with the needs of the Alleycats Premier Soccer Club.
Alleycats Premier Soccer Club “PLAY-UP” AGREEMENT
It is the opinion of the Alleycats Premier Soccer Club Coaching Committee, that the player:
__________________________________________________________________ currently playing in the
age _____ group should PLAY-UP to the _________age group.
This player has the physical abilities, individual soccer skills, and mental preparation to play in the suggested older age group. This player has the ability to be one of the top five players on the older team.
It is understood that this “Play-Up” agreement is not permanent and the Coaching Committee reserves the right to reverse its decision should the player not perform to expectations. It is further understood that a player isn’t locked into a team on an ongoing basis. The request to “play-up” must be renewed prior to tryouts on a yearly basis.
Signature of Player:___________________________________________ Date:______________