5 Teams Accepted into NERP

14 Girls Redcats/15 Girls Blackcats/16 Girls Wildcats/17 Boys G2/18 Boys Pumas

Participation in the Spring 2013 Region I Northeast League will qualify teams for their National Championship Competition. The Region I Colonial League is available ONLY to those teams within the following State Associations of Region I:

Only a US Youth soccer organization member can apply to compete in the Region I Northeast League. A team cannot be sponsored by a US Youth Soccer Member. any US Youth Soccer club or organization that attempts to sponsor a non US Youth Soccer team is subject to disciplinary action and dismissal of the sponsored team. 

The champion of each age group with six or more teams will be offered an AUTOMATIC bid into the Region I Premier League the following season. Champions of the Northeast Regional League WILL NOT be considered for the Premier League Wildcards (U13–U18) for the US Youth Soccer Region I Championships. The Premier League Wildcard is granted to the Champion of the REGION I PREMIER LEAGUE.